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Table 1 AR aspects (per scenario) to explore, with regard to the usability of the AR for information exchange

From: Using augmented reality for supporting information exchange in teams from the security domain

Aspect to explore Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3
(1) Validation of the scenarios X X X
(2) Communication/information exchange
 (a) Shared visualization X X X
 (b) 3D Shapes, Arrows (resizable) X X X
 (c) 3D Text (resizable) X X X
 (d) Taking Photos (resizable) X X
 (e) 3D Icons (laser scans)   X
 (f) Virtual index cards X X
(3) Remote Guidance X X X
(4) Situational Awareness X X X
(5) Technical aspects
 (a) Hardware ergonomics X X X
 (b) Network communication X X X
 (c) Tracking X X X
 (d) Rendering X X X